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Making the Modern Office: Design Trends in Today’s Workplaces

by Jon Schultz on 06/26/17

The modern office space is all about promoting collaboration and working with other employees, while also providing comfort to clients, patients or visitors. If you’re renovating your business or medical office or thinking of moving to a whole new space, the furniture and design themes you choose will have a big impact on your office’s vibe. Here are some hot trends in today’s workplace décor that you might like to incorporate into your own space.


New office designs are shying away from two-toned neutrals and mundane structures, and instead focusing on reinforcing the company’s brand and personality. If you have an ophthalmology office, for example, and your first focus is your customers and their comfort, you’ll want to create a space that is welcoming, soothing and promotes your brand at the same time. You can also incorporate subtle design or décor options, like mini-eyecharts along the trim or detailed features as certain distances from your seating that you can use to help test a person’s visual acuity.

If you’re a financial institution, and want to impress your customers with your stature and portfolio, we might create a more impressive space with wooden flourishes and ornate designs. Even a long-standing organization can incorporate branded design elements like old-fashioned touches from an earlier era when the company was founded or even decorative or structural elements from the business’ first location from years ago.


PCG says that with more and more millennials taking managerial roles in the workforce, office design has trended towards flexibility. That means if you’re designing a new office space for employees or retrofitting an existing workspace, you should aim to include capabilities and features that cater to this modern workflow. That means putting a focus on fostering space for co-working, with areas that are more open to encourage brainstorming. This can include meeting areas with white boards or digital monitors can be wirelessly connected to laptops or tablets, or central lounge areas with more inward-facing seating to encourage group collaboration.

For waiting rooms in medical offices or other types of private practices, you should also work to accommodate your clients. Many of these individuals who are coming to an appointment are taking time off from work to see you. Make it easy for them to still keep in touch and be productive by providing some small private workspaces or available seating at tables along with conveniences like free Wi-Fi and available power outlets or USB charging stations.


We’re not suggesting that you outfit your waiting area or office space with only couches and ottomans, but your patients’ and clients’ comfort is important. Today’s offices are taking the employee and client comfort level to the forefront, focusing on creating inviting workspaces and waiting rooms that promote calm energy and boost productivity. Work Design reports on a drive toward incorporating blended use of natural materials with modern to create spaces that are still efficient, but more warm and welcoming. These subtle touches can make an office more positive for both guests and workers.

There are tons of different options and approaches to consider when planning a new office design or a major renovation. Let Schultz Architecture help with your office project. We have worked with countless clients in a variety of industries and business needs to create new structures and spaces that suit their needs perfectly. Let us show you what well-planned architecture and design can provide. Call us today at 269-350-6709.

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