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What’s in a Glass? Picking the Right Glass for Your Home

by Jon Schultz on 03/07/17

Having a window in your home that overlooks a lake or another beautiful part of nature is truly a blessing. It can transform the entire feel of your home and give you and your guests something to stare at when you’re unwinding after a long day or just enjoying some peace and quiet. But did you know that there’s a lot to consider when picking the type of glass to use in your home’s windows? Check out some of the options that you will have if you decide to install new glass today.

Gas-Filled Windows

If the view outside of your window looks great, then you might not spend much time thinking about how the window glass performs against the elements. But you should obviously spend some time considering it since it will affect your heating and cooling costs. Gas-filled window glass comes with a space between two panes of glass that is filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton. According to the Department of Energy, this gas layer works as insulation to help keep temperatures more moderate. These inert gases have a higher resistance to heat flow, making it more difficult for heat and cold to transfer through windows, minimizing heat loss through your window glass.


Insulated windows are another option for homeowners who are concerned about how much air can pass through their windows. Insulated windows contain two or more glass panes that are hermetically sealed, leaving an insulating space of air between them. Like gas-filled windows, these sealed air spaces serve to improve the ability of windows to keep heat inside and also resist heating from sunlight.

Heat-Absorbing Tints

Do you have a ton of natural light that comes flowing through your windows at certain times of the day? You might enjoy it, but that light can fade your flooring, furniture and even artwork. The light could also become to become too much if your home faces directly toward the rising or setting sun. If this is the case, you can use heat-absorbing tints can also change the color of the glass to help reduce the amount of brightness coming into your home as well, making lighting more muted and less overbearing.

There are many other types of windows that can also be used, depending on the design of your home. If you’re looking to build a new home or replace windows in your lakeside property, Schultz Architecture can help. When designing an addition or new home, our team can work to create a beautiful window installation that gives you a wonderful view of the surroundings of your home or include energy-efficient windows to help make your home more ecofriendly and sustainable. We specialize in working with those who own lakeside vacation properties, and we can make the most of the gorgeous view that you have from inside your home while also helping you make the most of your energy. Get started with your new design or installation today by calling us at 269-615-2597 to schedule a consultation.

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