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Client and Colleague Reviews:
Darin G., Marcellus, MI/Cedar Lake 8/2018
"I had an excellent experience with Jon. He is very personable and has a good understanding of your needs. Jon was prompt, efficient and easy to work with."

Keith D., Delton, MI /Crooked Lake 6/2018
"We hired Jon to to design a new kitchen. He was very professional, incorporating all our design ideas and steering us clear of a few poor ones. It was not an easy kitchen to design coming off a small "A" frame. Jon listened and came up with some creative solutions to ensure the design was attractive and fit well with the original structure. We would not hesitate to call Jon again and would highly recommend him if you want a professional architect that is reasonably priced and follows through on all his commitments."

Rick C., Kalamazoo, MI 5/2018
"Jon did a great job for us and was very conscientious. Never hurried the process, brought some great ideas to the project. All good!"

Matt A., Kalamazoo, MI 11/2017
"We started thinking of an addition as our current residence was originally a two unit, upper and a lower. It was purchased with the idea of living in the upstairs and renting out the lower unit. Over time, however, we changed to wanting to make it a single family home. We continue to scour the market to find the "superhouse" with some land, as well as reservations re: some small issues with property lines, but, really like living on a cul-de-sac and wanted to go ahead with the addition. Because it was a two-unit, prior, there was not a basement access only from outside......so we hired Schultz Architecture. Jon Schultz came to our home several times to meet with us to discuss our ever-changing ideas. We have very strange schedules and he was most gracious to accommodate. Our plans are ready to go when and if we decide to move forward with the basement access addition."

Daniel D., Coloma, MI/Paw Paw Lake 10/2017 
"I did a complete remodel at Paw Paw lake in southwest Michigan. I had a basic plan and with Jon's expertise I was able to build a great new lake house. I found Jon both fair and affordable."

Michael/Maggie S., Kalamazoo, MI 10/2017
 "Jon was very Professional and has a personable personality. His suggestions were extremely valuable, and his architectural design to the addition’s of our home provided us a structural living environment that added the-additional comfort and visual appearance we desired.

Without reservation we highly recommend Jon. His skill base, expertise, experience, attention to detail,  affordability and willingness follow his design until completed was very much appreciated."

Richard J., Kalamazoo, MI 7/2017
"Jon was great to work with and we're very happy with the drawings he created for the addition. He was extremely responsive, both in terms of returning emails and accommodating changes, and we would recommend his architectural services to anyone in Kalamazoo and beyond!"

Jenna/Richard V., Kalamazoo, MI  3/2017
"Jon was great to work with! We interviewed several architects to create a plan for a master suite, kitchen, and basement addition to our 55-year-old house in the Winchell neighborhood of Kalamazoo. John arrived on-time for our first meeting, which is very important to me. He listened carefully to all of our wishes and ideas and transformed our dreams into a plan that we could take to several contractors for bids. He was creative in coming up with solutions to problems we didn't know existed and brought in other experts as necessary to help with the plans. He was consistently responsive to emails and phone calls and was more than willing to come visit us when we wanted to change the plans or discuss new ideas. I would definitely work with John again on any home improvement project."

Hillary/Dave B., Chicago, IL /Lawton, MI/Bankston Lake​ 1/2017
"Jon provided multiple iterations of drawings for us, and we ended up with exactly what we wanted. Very easy to work with.  Good drawings, with all key details. Everything turned out great."

Joel/Melissa H., Gobles, MI 11/2016
"My wife and I worked with Jon on an extensive renovation/remodel, and addition. A large, complicated project to say the least. Jon stuck with us through many, many, revisions... The entire time being patient and professional. Jon's expertise and knowledge in structure and engineering helped save the day when we had a large issue during construction. While I was completely panicking, Jon came to the house, calmed and reassured us, and presented real time fixes and solutions. I thank you Jon, for answering every text, phone call, and email (We have not been easy on him). I highly recommend this expert architect and wouldn't hesitate in using him in the future. Thank you so much Schultz Architecture."

Jesse L., Battle Creek, MI 7/2016
"I found Jon's business on the internet. I talked with him about the project for a couple of weeks, then hired him. This build is not a typical build and most companies didn't want to touch this type of project. The project is a raised Monitor Barn style home on a pier /post foundation. Working with Jon and Paul was a great experience. This is my first home build. The prints are very detailed and they worked with me in every way to design prints I could build from. I highly recommend them"

Leslie L., Wayland/Gun Lake, MI 6/2016
"We hired Jon to draw our blueprints for our new home... He did a fantastic job. He checked in with me and always provided us with the prints when he promised. Open to suggestions and kept our builder informed as well. I would highly recommend him. Our builder is very impressed with the quality of the blueprints."

Tim W., Novi, MI/Marshall, MI (Lyon Lake) 1/2016
" I discovered Jon Schultz via his website, and I was impressed by the photos of his architectural projects and results. Jon is capable of handling major home renovation design projects, yet I really only needed drawings for creating a three-seasons room over an existing deck area. 

Although noting that his office was very busy, Jon agreed to take on our project and he did a great job. Jon personally visited our home site twice to take measurements and speak with us in person about our design ideas. He proposed some creative designs while also making structural integrity a priority. Jon even recommended some area builders that we could work with on the construction phase. We're very pleased with the results! We'd definitely recommend 
Schultz Architecture."

Scott M. Kalamazoo, MI  12/18/2015                 
"My wife and I had Jon design our new house and it turned out awesome. Jon and Paul were amazing to work with and made the process so easy.  The plans for our new house turned out incredible. Well worth the money. We would highly recommend Schultz Architecture

Jason B., Sturgis, MI  11/9/2015
"Even when I had unannounced extra work for Jon he made it available to make sure that my job was finished and went above and beyond getting the paperwork done in a very timely matter"

                    Sara C., Scotts, MI (Pickerel Lake) 8/2015
                   "Jon was kind, considerate in accommodating our needs. We needed some direction on trying to fit our needs into what we could do                             and he was very helpful. As the job is currently being completed, the contractors involved have all commented on the high quality of the                             blueprints. We are happy and would recommend him for this service."

                    Cliff H., Caledonia, MI 5/1/2015
                            "Jon Schultz and his team at Schultz Design + Drafting provided a very positive experience for my wife and I when we looked into ideas                             tbuild an attractive unattached outbuilding in a HOA community. Jon has great vision and a unique ability to hear all the desires of his                             clients and translate them into his design. Jon visited our site to help educate us on the possibilities we have along with what we where                             not able to do with our property having several set-backs and obstacles to work around. It was a great experience because of the                             communication and availability Jon gave us of his time. He worked within our budget and most importantly his work executed was in a                             prompt manner. His team provides great service and the more personalized experience of a small firm. You will enjoy the process and                             the  outcome if you choose Schultz Design + Drafting."

Brett G., Vicksburg, MI 8/26/2014
"We retained Jonathan to design and prepare all-aspect plans of a recent construction addition/improvement. We found him to be exceptionally punctual in his work product with excellent communication along the way. I would gladly recommend Jonathan to anyone in need of residential or commercial design services."

                    David K., Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2014 
                            "A stand up straight shooting professional who does good work."

                    Kristie and Paul S., Western Springs, IL/Watervliet, MI 
                    (Paw Paw Lake) 3/3/2014
                            "Schultz Design & Drafting designed and developed lake house plans from concept through construction prints. Jon met us at the job                             site to review basic concepts and images we found on-line. Jon listened to our ideas and was attentive in his responses. His input took                             our ideas to a new level and exceeded our expectations. 

                            We live two states apart, Jon provided .pdfs of drawings and .jpgs of images to communicate. Jon’s years of experience has created a                             network of professionals to assist from engineering issues to obtaining construction bids. We will hire Jon during construction to evaluate                             critical stages of the process. 

                            Thank you Jon for helping making our dream come true!"

                    Nancy/Tony C., Oak Park, IL/Paw Paw, MI 2/22/2014
                            "We used Jon's architectural skills in drawing up plans for a garage to family room renovation. We needed drawings to submit to                             contractors and Jon was easy to work with, was very cooperative in knowing and understanding what we were looking for. He                             was extremely thorough and his drawings were excellent. He was very helpful in making suggestions to us and guided us in our                             planning. We also asked him to draw up plans for our new garage, which we had to submit to our local township offices for approval. He                             was meticulous in his work but again was a pleasure to work with. He was very good at emailing us and checking for our viewpoints,                             before compiling the final drawings. He was knowledgeable of all building codes and we were very happy with his work. We were also                             very pleased with the kitchen contractor who he recommended, which we are presently using for our kitchen renovation. We would                             highly recommend him as he is very skilled at what he does. We were very happy with his work. 

                    Nancy M., Hastings, MI 11/25/2013
                            "Jon and I worked through some very unusual design elements for my house remodeling. He was easy to work with 
                            and very accommodating and provided contacts on different topics such as live roofs. I believe the remodeling effort will add beauty and                             functionality to my home and the  prints will make it much better to plan and budget with the general contractor."

                            We are in the final stages of design. It is a phased project and so far I have only submitted one part for bid. Since this is for my                             residence, the timeline is open-ended, Jon and I work together as convenient for both of us.

                            I am an engineer and have ideas which Jon skillfully incorporated into my plans, such as a spiral stair between the master bath and the                             hot tub room. 

                            I appreciate having form AND function in my home design and I value dedication on a project. Our deck design is an on-going                             example of this plus an exercise in materials cost-management. When completed, the deck and pergola will camouflage an ugly                             powerline which bisects the view from the living and dining areas. And the deck access will integrate the Prairie-style home into the                             sloping yard while accomodating the needs of my multi-generation family. 

                            I have enjoyed working with Jon and would recommend him to my friends.

Stephen B., Shelby, MI 9/14/2013
"Jon Schultz provided speedy and numerous options for our plans for an addition and renovations to a summer cottage as it becomes a year-round home. His willingness to discuss our preferred changes and his advice about cost, function, structural integrity, and design appeal all combined to make for a pleasing and trusting relationship with him as a professional. We anticipate enjoying living in a very fine finished product."

                    James S., Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2013
                            "Very professional service. Jon is a honest and delightful man to work with. He will not quit until you are satisfied with your plans. He                             does great site plans that will save you money in the long run. Your home when finished will be in the correct legal boundaries per city                             or Twp. guide lines. I have been in the construction business since 1985 best plans and service ever........"

                            "Jon was fast professional and very detailed. Jon designed the plans for my personal home. As a general contractor for 25 years,                             Jon's plans were the best I have ever seen".

Leonna and Jeffery M., Chicago, IL/Dowagiac, MI (Dewey Lake) 3/14/2013 
"Jon's enthusiasm, innovative thinking and attention to detail sets him apart from the rest. He offered innovative ideas, projects and professional suggestions. 
I worked on this project with Jon remotely since we live out of state. He was very responsive to my feedback and we quickly iterated on layouts and designs 
via email and video conferencing. He also went above and beyond to independently coordinate with our contractor to ensure everything was encompassed 
in the plans. I would highly recommend Schultz Design + Drafting."

Jim E., Michigan 2/4/2013
"If you want exceptional personalized service and expert advice, the obvious choice is Schultz Design + Drafting. 
My wife and I just completed the plans for our new home. Jon Schultz exceeded our expectations and delivered a great plan. 
We can't wait to get it built."

Rock K., Covert, MI (Lake Michigan) 9/26/2012 
"Superior service, totally satisfied. Jon went above and beyond, I would recommend him to anyone. Totally exemplary at what he does."

Neil L., Homer, MI 9/25/2012 
"Jon Schultz showed great knowledge and experience in building construction. He was willing to work with an existing foundation and to incorporate and approve existing structure like our rough-sawed oak beam. Jon's many suggestions helped us take our own plans and add more open areas and better traffic flow. During our project his company experienced growing pains in that a new subcontractor he started using was negligent in drawing the final blueprints in a timely manner. Jon quickly remedied the problem, took on the final drawings himself, and completed them. He came through with plans in time for us to begin construction that autumn."

                    Peter S., AIA, LEED AP, Kalamazoo, MI 7/17/2012
                            "I am writing to recommend Jonathan D. Schultz, R.A., NCARB as an architect for your project. Jonathan is a very                             capable  architect and has high attention to detail and personalizes each project to each individual owner. I have had the pleasure of                             working with Jonathan on past projects.

                            Jonathan is an outstanding individual with a strong character. He has the ability to produce impressive results in a wide variety of areas,                             being organized and motivated, self confident and success oriented. I have seen very good results on complex projects that offered great                             attention to detail where quality was never compromised. 

                            Jonathan's background in architectural design and construction allows his ablity to focus on working drawings while providing creative                             design solutions. He is a dedicated architect. I have confidence in his creativity and I am sure that he is motivated to give the best of                             himself on your future project." 

                   Karen K., Founder Functional Homes, Inc. St. Joseph, MI 6/25/2012
                           " Jon and I worked together on building and designing an accessible addition for a home. Jon's attention to detail and creativity took the                             project to a whole new level. 

                            I've worked with several architects on many projects and was very impressed by the construction specs. Jon drafted for our project. The                             specs were very detailed and precise. The specs that Jon drafted cut down significantly on questions during the onsite building. 

                            I plan on Jon being a part of our design team for all of our projects in southwest Michigan." 

                            Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative 

Mike S., Eau Claire, MI 3/22/2012
"This architect always keeps the line of communication open during the design process. He always takes the time to answer any questions and offers valuable input". 

"I would not hesitate to recommend Jon for any architectural project. His professional input in my project was top rate. He was always available to answer questions during the design process and was very helpful offering suggestions needed to make the project work. The attention to every detail in the final drawings was very satisfying to see."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

​Troy F., Schoolcraft, MI 2/21/2012
"Schultz Design far exceeded my expectations when it came to remodeling our home. Jon was very professional and always willing to adjust his schedule in order to complete the job. He was able to provide us with three separate rough drafts regarding the remodel, which gave us tons of options and new idea's. We will definitely go to him again with our second edition we plan on adding on". 

​Klaudia L., Palatine, IL/New Buffalo, MI 1/22/2012
"Jon Schultz at Schultz Drafting and Design was excellent to work with! He listened and took the time to really work with my dream on the rehab of my Mom's cottage. His thoroughness and creativity really came through in the project. The head building inspector in New Buffalo was also very impressed with his drawings and said they were "Complete and very thorough". He was early with the deadlines and communicated with me every step of the way. I highly recommend his company for all your architectural needs. I have nothing bad to say about his work". 

Michael P., Kalamazoo, MI 12/24/11
"Very informative and timely getting information back to me"   

Richard V., South Haven, MI 8/29/11 3d Construction Co.
"As a Contractor I found Jon to be very responsive to the requirements of my client. Communication is everything at the conceptual stage of a project and Jon responded each time a call or email was made. The best thing I can say is that I will use his services again.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Nickolas L., Portage, MI 8/15/11
“Mr. Schultz is an outstanding architect and I would highly recommend utilizing his services. I am more than happy with his design and the outcome.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Ruth H., Galesburg, MI / Dowagiac, MI (Magician Lake) 7/8/11
​​"Jon was a pleasure to work with. He carefully listened to our ideas, spent a lot of time measuring and taking pictures, and produced a final set of drawings for our lake cottage remodel that surpassed our expectations. He was very knowledgeable about local codes and contacted inspectors on our behalf. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking a professional architect! "

​                    Janet and Jim B., Kalamazoo, MI 3/23/11
                            "Jon Schultz has been joy to work with. He really listened to what we wanted for our house design; the finished product is simply                             perfect! Highly recommend him! “

                            "We have been very impressed with Jon as he has designed our home. He's very knowledgeable of the current trends in residential                             design. Jon is a patient listener which has resulted in very good results.” 

                            Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative 

Nancy D., Frankfort, IL/ Lawton, MI (Gravel Lake) 10/22/10
"Jon has great insight as to the needs of the client. We were very pleased with his performance and his due diligence in dealing with the local authorities. We would highly recommend his services". 

​                 Andy K., Lawton, MI (Huzzy Lake) 10/16/10
                        "Jon was a delight to work with. We searched for several architects before deciding on Jon. Jon was very flexible, listened to all our ]
                        needs, and was able to take the abstract and turn that into a workable plan that was as near to perfect as we had imagined. In addition,                         he was very helpful when it comes to future building costs and being “green”. He understands budgets and restrictions and works to deliver                         a functional plan that exceeds expectations. We had a somewhat difficult design being on a lake and designing on limited lot size with                         existing cabin being a shell. Jon’s design far exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with the results. I would highly-recommend                         Jon and we are excited to continue our relationship with Jon throughout the build process".