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Hume Residence, Muskegon, MI 
During the Mid 80's while still in college I volunteered with the Resoration of the 1890's Hume House in Muskegon, Michigan. The next year the site director of the Hackley/Hume Historic Site asked me to return as a paid contractor to help develope  ideas and concept drawings for the utilization of the conjoined carriage house and to draft a record set of both the Hume House and the Carrige house. The drawing I did for the Hume House where later used as "Key" drawings for the Designer Showcase brouchures which featured the fully restored Hume House.
Valley View
Lake View
Residential Architecture Firm in Kalamazoo, MI
Modern Home Plans in Kalamazoo, MI
Rendering of proposed cottage - Valley View
Rendering of proposed cottge - Aerial Lake View
The Kadlub Building Project was a great and challenging project to work on. 

The site is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in a critical dune area. The site is heavily wooded and in a "box" valley ie. no outlet. The western end of the valley is closed off from the lake by  a 40'-0" high protected dune. 

Mr Kadlub requested a building study of what could be built on the site that would have a Lake view. First thought was a 4+ story "tower".

Checking with the Local Zoning official, I found that we are restricted to 2 1/2 stories and 35'-0 maximun height. So the tower idea was out or was it?

We found out that it is possible to get a special variance to bring in sand to raise the grade. So working with that knowledge the above design came forth. 

I want to give a big thank you to my friend Peter who helped me by developing  and producing the renderings you see above. 



Design Studies:

The Kalamazoo Deacons Conference is a non-profit organization in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The organization is faith based and serves our brother and sisters who are less fortunate.

Life skill training, clothing, furniture and financial assistance are just a few of their ministries.

The Deacons have been negotiating the purchase of an abandoned brick office building that is located directly across the street from their current facilities.

I was contacted in late August of 2013 to do a feasibility study of what could be done design wise to renovate the building.

The first step was to survey the property and inspect the building. Although the building has sustained damage from the elements and a fire the structure is sound. Instead of demolishing and building new I recommended repairing what has been damaged, remodel the interior to meet the new programming needs and restore the exterior.

The Deacons had their annual fundraising event in October 2013. Matt Girard from American Idol and a native of Kalamazoo was the main talent that night.

With the help again from my good friend Peter we provided the rendering that you see on the right. It was prominently displayed as thr guested entered the banquette hall. 

An interesting factoid about this building. During the 1960's it is said that this building was an Islamic Center. Mohammad Ali and Louis Farrakhan frequented this location. They used it a resting spot when traveling between Chicago and Detroit,

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Texas Township Residence

Residence, Kalamazoo, MI 
(New Construction/Unbuilt)

The Clients wanted a grand new residence here in the Kalamazoo area. It has a whopping 9,400sf under roof (5,300sf finished) on 3 levels plus a 4 car garage. It also has 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms and an huge great room with open kitchen. We developed 3 exterior designs for them to choose from. 

Carriage House, Schoolcraft, MI
(New Construction/Unbuilt)

New three-stall carriage house with full loft storage to match an existing home built in 1837.
Brown Residence

Dewey Lake House

Lake Residenc, Dowagiac, MI (Dewey Lake)
(New Construction/Unbuilt)

Renovation and addition to an older lake cottage. New main and upper levels on existing walk-out lower level. 

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